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The war in Europe was a land war. The war in the Pacific was a naval war.

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To Stop the Germans at all costs from ruling the world.

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Q: What tactics did America take in World War 2?
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What were the tactics of fighting in the Seven Years War?

In North America, hit and run tactics; guerrilla warfare.

What were the tactics used in the World War 1?

World War I was fought by trench warfare.

What were the technology and tactics in World War I?

theres no technology in world war 1 lol :)

How does the war that America is in relate to the Vietnam war?

The war America is in currently is similar to the Vietnam war because there is the same tactics being used them by the opponents as there is in current wars. Tactics known as guerrilla warfare where the opponent attacks and then flees making it hard for the Americans to work out who and where the enemy is.

What has the author Stephen Bull written?

Stephen Bull has written: 'Infantry tactics of the Second World War' -- subject(s): History, World War, 1939-1945, Tactics, Infantry, Tank warfare, Campaigns, Equipment, Antitank weapons, Infantry drill and tactics 'World War II street-fighting tactics' 'World War One' -- subject(s): Equipment and supplies, Great Britain, Great Britain. Army, History, Uniforms, World War, 1914-1918

What were tactics in world war 1 with the tanks?

Smash thru obstacles.

What did the generals do in World War I?

well besides from their RUBBISH tactics they did nothing

What was the name of German war tactics during world war 2?

Their main tactic was Blitzkreig.

What would be a good concluding paragraph for World War I technology?

that is why technology and tactics had there own purposes in world war 1

When was the last time America fought an conventional war?

The last time America fought in a conventional war was during World War 1. Conventional wars are the use of warfare that is conducted by using conventional military weapons and battlefield tactics between two or more states in an open confrontation.

What were the US's fighting tactics in World War 2?

Scream aim and fire!

What were the World War 2 tactics?

The US infantry called it fire and manuver