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The value of figurines made while America occupied Japan are relatively rare and more expensive than other Japanese-made figurines. Authentic Occupied in Japan figurines were made between 1945 and 1952. The occupied in Japan stamp will not rub off easily, and cannot be removed with fingernail polish or alcohol. Prices for these figurines range from 20 dollars to several hundred dollars.

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Q: What the value of figurines made in occupied japan?
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How do you find out value of porcelain made in occupied japan?

The best way to find out the value of porcelain pieces made in occupied Japan is to take them to an antique appraiser. The pieces must be stamped Occupied Japan to be verified that they actually were made in occupied Japan.

What is the value of a small figurine-- dog with a clock to its side-- made in Occupied Japan worth?

Most small occupied Japan figurines are worth $7-15. The larger and fancier pieces sell for more money. My wife has a collection of about 3000 pieces. Millions of small pieces were made as Japan tried to recover from the war. You can check eBay for 1500-2000 pieces of occupied japan for sale at any given time.

What is the value of a dutch boy and girl made in occupied japan?

3x10^-7 yen

What is the value of a Wako China Tea Cup and Saucer?

Made in Occupied Japan Wako teacup and saucer

Value of Japanese produced items made in occupied Japan?

For Japanese Govt and people this period must be horrified hence they should buy out all such products manufactured in occupied Japan and preserve it

What is the value of a 7 figurine -- colonial woman playing a guitar made in occupied japan?

Nothing- Because its gay answer! Occupied japan means it was made after World War 2, in Japan. If the figurine is porcelain, rub the "made in occupied Japan" mark with nail polish remover or acetone, because if it is real the mark was put on before the glaze. If it was real the mark will stay on. Sorry,I don't know the price.

Are products made in occupied japan radioactive?


What does unoccupied Japan mean?

The meaning of "unoccupied Japan" means that something was made after 1950 or before 1945. Some goods were labeled this way after Allied Forces occupied Japan from 1945 to 1950. Goods made in occupied Japan were made from 1945 to 1950.

What does occupied japan mean?

"Occupied" means that the country, Japan in this case, has soldiers stationed there after their defeat, in this case, the United States, to keep the peace and prevent further warlike activities.

What is the value of a violin bow marked made in occupied japan?

Very little, I'm afraid. As it has no specific brand (like Stentor, Zeller or Yamaha, etc) then people are not likely to buy it over any other options. If it is in perfect condition then you may get £20 if you're lucky. Answer: I don't know, but occupied japan means that it was made in the 1950's or 1940's when people occupied Japan after World War 2.

What is narumi occupied japan?

Narumi Occupied Japan is a china that was made in Japan shortly after World War II. The "occupation" was American and other Allied troops that kept order after the war.

When was admiral star sewing machine made?

In occupied Japan in the 1940's