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The US, Germany, and Mexico were the three countries involved in the Zimmermann Telegram. It was sent by Germany to Mexico in 1917.

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Q: What three countries were involved in the zimmerman note?
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What two countries was the Zimmerman note between?

mexico and germany

What telegraph was sent to Mexico was a major reason to get the United States involved in World War 1?

The Zimmerman Note

What is Arthur Zimmerman best known for?

The Zimmerman note.

When was zimmerman note?


Zimmerman note was sent from Germany to?

The Zimmerman note was meant to be sent to Mexico, before it was intercepted by the United States.

Why United States involved in the world war 1?

The zimmerman note was sent from Germany to Mexico proposing a military alliance against the United States

What major event shocked the American people and led Wilson to no longer call for peace?

the zimmerman note was passed .

What country wrote the Zimmerman Note?


Where is the Zimmerman telegram today?

it was a telagraph not a note

Why was the zimmerman note written?

The Zimmerman note was written to gain alliance with Mexico. It was intercepted and is one of the reasons the US decided to fight in World War 1.

Message that contained a German proposal to Mexico?

Zimmerman Note

German letter seeking help from Mexico?

Zimmerman note