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Q: What time of day did fat man drop?
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Why did Fat Man drop a bomb on Nagasaki Japan?

No, Fat man was the bomb dropped over Nagasaki.

What was the name of the bomb drop in nagasaki?

"Fat Man" .

Why is the atomic bomb called fat man which drop in japan?


What where the names of the two bombs the us drop on japan?

Little boy and Fat man

How much fat do you need each day as a man?

It depends on your age, your size about 30-35% from fat

Was it the right decision to drop the bomb called the Fat Man on Nagasaki?

Most people think it was the proper decision.

When is nagasaki day celebrated?

On August 9th, the day that the "Fat Man" bomb was dropped on Nagasaki.

What was the blast time of the Fat Man and Little Boy in Japan?

Little boy blasted at 8.15 and fat man blasted at 11.02. Both times were am.

Why drop little boy and fat man atomic bombs on japan?

To end the war and collapse Japan's means to make war.

When did the Japanese drop the bomb on nagasaki?

The US , not Japan , dropped the atomic bomb "Fat Man" on Nagasaki 9 August 1945 .

Who was the teacher on school of rock?

for big time rush is the fat man

Was fat man more powerful than little boy?

the names of the atomic bomb that were droped on japan. little boy was drop in the city of hiroshima and fat man was dropped in the city of nagasaki.:}