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Horses, boats, & walking.

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mule, walking, sedan chairs, or boat

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Q: What transportation was used in times of ancient japan?
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Could oceans and rivers been used for transportation since ancient times?

Yeah of course

What is the type of transportation used in Japan?

In Japan, transportation options include trains, buses, subways, taxis, and bicycles. The extensive and efficient train network, including the shinkansen (bullet trains), is a popular mode of transportation for both locals and tourists. Additionally, Japan is known for its advanced technology in transportation, such as automated metros and high-speed rail systems.

When were rafts invented?

Rafts have been used since ancient times as a mode of transportation. It wasn't until the 1900's that they became used for sporting purposes.

What was the most used transportation in ancient egypt?


What transportation was used in ancient Mali?

camels were used to transport goods

What other forms of transportation are used in Japan?

Common forms of transportation in Japan include trains, automobiles, motorcycles/scooters, bicycles, planes, and boats.

What are all the transportation was used in ancient Egypt?

all the transportation are camels, donkey, and river boats

What type of transportation did the ancient Egyptians use?

they used camels

What forms of transportation were used in ancient Greece?

horse and carriage

What else did Ancient Egyptians use for transportation?

they used chariots or camels

What is the ancient babylonian use for transportation?

Chariots were often used in Ancient Persia

What type of transportation was used in ancient Zimbabwe?

they used to ride ancient mogwai, which is an extinct species of ocean water fowel that grew to a large size.