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figure out for ur self

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Q: What two American ideals seem most important to Abraham Lincoln?
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What was Augustus Saint Gaudens best known for?

Augustus Saint Gaudens is an Irish-born American and a famous sculptor. He is said to embody the ideals of the American Renaissance. Some of his works include Standing Lincoln, a statue of Abraham Lincoln which is prominently displayed in Lincoln Park.

What was the short speech given by Abraham Lincoln to dedicate a cemetery for soldiers who died at the battle of Gettysburg and it was considered to be a profound statement of American ideals?

You are thinking of Lincoln's famous Gettysburg address, given November 19,1863.

How is Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address similar to Declaration of Independence?

support the ideals of self-government and human rights

According to Lincoln for what cause did union soldiers die at Gettysburg?

The text of the Gettysburg Address indicates that Abraham Lincoln believed that the soldiers who died in the battle, had died to preserve the Union and the ideals of democracy on which it was based. He hopes that these ideals will survive and not perish.

Why did Abraham Lincoln want to be a president?

Abraham Lincoln wanted to become president to prevent the halt the spread of slavery and to stop the Union from crumbling. Believing that he knew exactly what was the best for the people, he wanted to champion his ideals especially during the Civil War.

Why did Langston hughes mention Abraham Lincoln in his poem?

Langston Hughes mentioned Abraham Lincoln in his poem to highlight the contrast between Lincoln's ideals of freedom and justice for all, and the ongoing reality of racial inequality and discrimination that existed in America during Hughes's time. By referencing Lincoln, Hughes was pointing to the gap between the promise of equality and the lived experience of African Americans.

What has the author Abraham Schlesinger written?

Abraham Schlesinger has written: 'Der Begriff des Ideals, eine historischpsychologische Analyse, 1' -- subject(s): Ideals (Psychology)

What ideals did President Lincoln speak about in his Gettysburg Address?

the ideals were four scores and seven years ago

What ideals did Lincoln express in the Gettysburg address and his second inaugural address?

That it was important to preserve the US as one nation.

How important are the ideals of the declaration of independence to you today?

How important are the ideals of the declartion of independence to you today?why

Why did Martin Luther King choose exactly the Lincoln Memorial for his speech?

Lincoln Memorial would have been a symbolic location for the ideals of Lincoln to be expressed in Martin Luther King, Jr.'s speech. Abraham Lincoln was the driving for behind the Emancipation Proclamation which granted freedom to slaves and gave them rights as U.S. citizens.

Did Lincoln write his own speeches?

Yes, Abraham Lincoln often wrote his own speeches, including his most famous ones like the Gettysburg Address and his Second Inaugural Address. He had a keen skill for writing and using language effectively to convey his thoughts and ideals.