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The Entente Powers and the Central Powers.

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Q: What two alliances was Europe divided into at the start of world war 1?
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Who were the tripple alliances?

During World War I: Europe's Great Powers Were Divided Into Two Loose Alliances The Triple Alliance: Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy - 1882 The Triple Entente: France, Great Britain, and Russia - 1907

Who Tensions in Europe before World War 1 were most increased by?

secret alliances

Tensions in Europe before world war 1 were most increased by what?

Secret alliances

What were the two alliances in Europe before the World War 1?


What increased tensions in Europe before world war i?

Secret alliances

Is there world war 2 things that start with A?

Alliances and army :)

Why was the alliance in Europe in 1914 a dangerous situation?

It was dangerous because the alliances were large and if a war was to start i.e. World war 1, then all the alliances would be triggered creating a large scale war. It posed Nations being forced to be involved in another Nation's crisis.

How Important were alliances in causing World War 1?

Yes, the alliances are what caused the war to spread around Europe. With out them, countries like Russia would not have fought in the war.

How do Europe alliances form in world war 1?

countries group together and defend each other

Growing nationalism and militarism in Europe and the creation of secret alliances were?

number 2. Causes of world war 1

What was the power struggle in world war 1?

The arms race, Empires and the Alliances were the power struggles of Europe. at the time.

What was the war in Europe before World War 2 that affected the alliances in Europe?

World War I changed the alliance system in Europe and had grave mental, economic, and political consequences for Germany that contributed to Hitler's rise to power.