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Germany and Britain were the two countries that spent more on Armaments in 1914.

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Q: What two countries spent more on armaments in 1914?
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Compare the Allied Powers and the Central Powers Which spent more money?

Most likely the allied powers did. Since they were gaining more and more countries. The Central Powers were a losing countries and men, so I guess that the Allies spent more than the Central Powers.

How does the UN hope to have peace and security through disarmament?

By reducing the nuclear armaments, the world can be a more safer place to live in because right now the stockpile of nuclear weapons around the world is able to destroy the whole world. Not only that by reducing the nuclear armaments, countries can have a better relations with each other.

World War 1 economics?

Overall, the Allies spent more than twice of what the Central Powers spent in the war ($58 Billion vs the Central Powers' $25 Billion). Of all countries involved, the UK and Germany spent the most but the UK spent slightly more.

Where did Sergei Prokofiev write his compositions?

Sergei Prokofiev spent his early years of composing in St. Petersburg, Russia, until about 1914. From 1914 to 1916, he spent some time in London without much success. He returned to Russia in 1916 and spent a few more unsuccessful years before emigrating to the USA, again without much success. He moved to Paris where he enjoyed considerable success and eventually returned to Russia permanently in 1936.

Why had the American gross national product changed between the end of the civil war and 1914?

by making more profuis to other countries

Why was the war that began in 1914 called a world war?

The war in 1914, originally called the Great War, was later called a world war as it was fought by more countries and on a larger scale than any war before.

What does bankrupty mean?

you spent all your money, spent more then you can live off of

In ww1Which armies had increased in size between 1870 and 1914?

During World War I, the armies that had significantly increased in size between 1870 and 1914 included those of Germany, France, Russia, and the British Empire. These countries had undergone military reforms and modernization efforts during this period, leading to the expansion of their armed forces.

Who wasted more money in theVietnam war democratic countries or communist countries?

The term "wasted" might not be the accurate term; spent might be more accurate. The US spent more money by a long shot! The US dropped nearly 3 times as many bombs in the Vietnam War than they did in all of WWII. The US lost well over 4,000 helicopters and 2,000 jet aircraft. Just a very small sampling of what the communist forces did not expend nor lose in the war.

Why did cave bears spent more times in caves?

Due to very harsh winters cave bears spent more times in caves.

Courtney and Wai spent 15.60 at the mall Courtney spent 3.20 more than Wai How much did each spent?

Wai soent $6.20 and Courtney spent $9.40

Where did World War I it start in 1914?

World War 1 isnt pin pointed where it started its more of a question, when/why/how? The war started with Germans medling with other countries and we fought back. (: Hope this helps..