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cotton and tobaco

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Q: What two crops were the focus of southern agriculture during reconstruction?
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In the late nineteenth century southern agriculture was characterized by what?

was characterized by a trend toward diversification of crops

The economy of the Southern colonies was based on?

Cash crops grown on plantation

How did the Southerners raise money during the Civil War?

crops and agriculture

How do crops help agriculture?

Without crops, there is no agriculture.

The economy of the Southern Colonies was?

The Southern Colonies were of an agrarian economy, so they worked in agriculture, which called for plantations for the crops and the slaves to work on the crops. This became so deeply rooted that this is why the Southern Colonies that were soon to be the Southern States wished for slavery to be legal in the US.

What type of agriculture did the southern colonies have in the 1600s?

They mostly grew cash crops like rice, tobacco and indigo.

Why was agriculture important to the economy of the Southern Colonies?

many of their crops were successful , and also their economy started to do well too.

Why did industry not grow in the deep south of the US during the 1800s?

This was bacause the south mostly relied on agriculture at this time. The south focused their economy mostly on things like cotton and other southern crops.

Why was agriculture so important to the economy the southern colonies?

many of their crops were successful , and also their economy started to do well too.

What were the jobs in the southern colonies?

Agriculture was the major economic activity in the southern colonies. The most important crops were tobacco, sugarcane, and cotton, the latter especially in the Deep South.

Southern colonies money?

Southern colonies made much of their money through agriculture. They grew a variety of crops like cotton and tobacco which were in demand back home.

What economic change turned southern agriculture upside down after the civil war?

Crop rotation and the peanut (after the failure of the cotton crops)