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The civil war was the North and south or the Union and Confederates

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Q: What two sides was the war between?
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What is a war between two sides of the same country?


What is the war between the two sides of the same country?

I think you are going for the idea of civil war.

Did polish and Italian have a war?

Poland and Italy never had a limited war between the two of them. However, they were on opposites sides during World War II.

Who were the two sides in the Irish Civil War?

The two sides of the Irish Civil War were the "Republicans" and the "Free Staters".

What war was the US and Russia were on opposing sides in?

It was the Cold War,which started in 1945,and ended in 1991,but there are still tensions between the two countries today.

Which country did the US fight for in the Civil War?

The Civil War was a between the Union (North) and the Confederacy (South) in the United States. No two countries were fighting against each other. That's why it was called a civil war because it was a war between two sides in one country.

What were the 2 sides of the War of 1812?

The two sides were America and Britain.

Was there a cease fire on Christmas day in World War 2?

yes and there was also a game of football between the two sides

Why did they call it the cold war?

Because it never got "hot"; no actual conflict was ever initiated between the two sides.

What does the battle of fredericksburg have to do with the Civil War?

Well first of all it was fought between the Union and Confederacy which were the two sides of the Civil War, and it was fought during the time period of the Civil War.

What was the two sides involved in the cold war?

The two sides involved in the Cold War were the United States and its allies, known as the Western Bloc, and the Soviet Union and its allies, known as the Eastern Bloc. These two sides represented the ideological divide between capitalism and communism, respectively, and were engaged in a geopolitical and ideological struggle for influence and power.

Which two countries were on opposite sides of the Cold War?

The United States and the Soviet Union were the two countries on opposite sides during the Cold War. The Cold War ended in 1991.