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I went to basic training at Fort Jackson. Most days we would eat in the DFAC (dining facility), and it is fairly normal cafeteria food. A choice from two or three main dishes such as chicken, fish, or pasta and a few starches and a few veggies. There was a salad bar as well as dessert, although we were not allowed the dessert for the first few weeks. Some different drinks but nothing with caffeine, so no soda or coffee.

Other times we would be in the field or usually it was when we were at the range we would get the MRE (meal ready to eat), or hot As. Hot A is like a mini buffet they bring to you so you can still get a little (fairly) fresh cooked warm food in your stomach. The MREs however do come with heater packs so even those you are eating hot food. Plus if you get the peanut butter M&M's, you can trade those for basically anything you want!

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Q: What type of food is served during basic training?
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