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the item that ran low in World War 2 was most things but especialy eggs they had to have powder eggs,meat and bannas no one saw bannas until after the war

hope that anser your qwestion

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Q: What type of items ran low in World War 2?
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Why was Australia's economy so low after World War 2?

because Hitler won the war.

Did the conflict come to an end of World War 1?

The World War 1 ended when Germany surrendered because they were running low on weapons and supplies

How did the conflict of world war 1 come to an end?

The world war 1 ended when Germany surrendered because they were running low on weapons and supplies

What are the strengths of World War 1 airplanes?

Low and slow...great observation planes.

What was the Benelux in World War 2?

The so-called "low countries": Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

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What role did movie stars play in the world war 1?

They sold war bonds to civilians war bonds are low interest loans to the government that go toward things needed in the war

What was rationing in World War 2?

It was very hard for them to cope x

At the end of World War 2 Congress passed the GI Bill which?

gave free education and low-interest housing loans to returning war veterans.

Why were people against Hitler in world war 1?

Wrong war. During WW 2, Hitler directed the invasion of most of Europe, helping ignite the SECOND World War. During WW 1, he was a low ranking soldier in the Army.

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How many white pilots were in World War 2?

Im not sure an exact number, but definently more then the Tuskegee Airmen...also world war 2 was a similar scenario of world war 1 , except world war 1 was near the great depression so supplies were low. world war 2 had more resources and more people were healthy enough and able to enter in the armed forces, so there were probably more pilots than in world war 1?