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Richard Ira "Dick" Bong (September 24, 1920 – August 6, 1945) is the United States' highest-scoring air ace, having shot down at least 40 Japanese aircraft. He flew a Lockheed P-38. That was in World War 2 ---not WW1.

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P 38 P-38 Lightning

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Q: What type of plane did Richard Bong fly during World War 1?
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How much is an autographed picture of a World War 2 plane worth?

If it's signed by a WW2 US fighter ACE such as Pappy Boyington (US Marine Corps), or Richard Bong (Top US Ace of WW2-US Army Air Force), or any other US WWII "Ace", the item WILL have some value to it. How much depends on condition, authenticity, and how desperate the buyer is to have it.

Who are the top ten American fighter pilot aces?

Richard Bong is our top fighter pilot. He flew a P-38 Fighter. In World War II he got 40 kills. After they took him out of the war he was paraded around the country and assigned to test pilot duty. He married his sweetheart and died in a crash shortly after.These are the American Aces for World War 2.American acesNameVictoriesRichard Bong40Thomas McGuire+38David McCampbell34Gregory Boyington28Francis Gabreski28Robert Johnson28Charles MacDonald27Joseph Foss26George Preddy+26Robert Hanson+25Lance Wade+25Editor's note: Your question fails to indicate which country or armed force. Technically the all time ace of any war or era is a German Luffwaffe Pilot Hartman.

Who has the most kills in the world?

The Soviet Sniper Mikhail Surkov has the most confirmed kills with an astonishing 702, while Simo Hayha comes in second with a confirmed 505 and Ivan Sidorenko comes in third with around 500 kills

Who were three U.S. military personnel in world War 2?

* John A. Lejeune * Chesty Puller * Victor H. Krulak * Pappy Boyington * Bull Halsey * Chester Nimitz * Merritt A. Edson * John Basilone * Alexander Vandegrift * Joe Foss * Harold Agerholm * Richard Anderson * Hap Arnold * Kenneth Bailey * Harold Bauer * Lewis Bausell * Charles Berry * Richard Bong * Alexander Bonnyman, Jr. * William Bordelon * Omar Bradley * Richard Earl Bush * Robert Eugene Bush * William Caddy * George Cannon * Anthony Casamento * Justice Chambers * Darrell Cole * Henry Courtney, Jr. * Anthony Damato * Albert David * James Day * Jefferson Deblanc * James Doolittle * Robert Dunlap * Aquilla Dyess * Dwight Eisenhower * Henry Elrod * Gerald Ford, Jr. * Robert Galer * Harold Gonsalves * Ross Gray * Henry Gurke * William Halyburton, Jr. * Dale Hansen * Robert Hanson * William Harrell * Louis Hauge, Jr. * William Hawkins * Arthur Jackson * Douglas Jacobson * Joseph Julian * John Kennedy * Elbert Kinser * John Leims * Fred Lester * Jack Lummus * Douglas MacArthur * George Marshall * Harry Martin * Leonard Mason * Robert McCard * Joseph McCarthy * Robert McTureous, Jr. * Sadao Munemori * Douglas Munro, USCG * Audie Murphy * John New * Richard Nixon * Robert Owens * Joseph Ozbourn * George Patton * Wesley Phelps * George Phillips * Francis Pierce, Jr. * Everett Pope * John Power * Charles Roan * Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. * Carlton Rouh * Donald Ruhl * Mitchell Paige * Albert Schwab * David Shoup * Franklin Sigler * Luther Skaggs, Jr. * John Lucian Smith * Richard Sorenson * Tony Stein * James Swett * Herbert Thomas * Clyde Thomason * Grant Timmerman * George Wahlen * Kenneth Walsh * William Walsh * Wilson Watson * Hershel Williams * Jack Williams * John Willis * Louis Wilson, Jr. * Robert Lee Wilson * Frank Witek. If there are a few names that seem like unknowns it is because they are probably US Marine Medal of Honor winners and hopefully all of the US Navy Hospital Corpsmen that served with the Marines. Happy Veterans Day and Semper Fi.

Who were some of the most famous pilots in world war 2?

The Aces (men who shot down at least 5 enemy aircraft), movie stars (James Stewart), professional athletes (Ted Williams), and people famous for other reasons (Joe Kennedy, Charles Lindburg*.) *Charles Lindburg was a civilian test pilot and not a military pilot. Charles "Chuck" Yeager George McGovern (Dem. Presidential candidate in 1972) General Benjamin O. Davis Paul Tibbetts Clark Gable (actor) Gregory "Pappy" Boyington David "Tex" Lee Hill Yekaterina Vasilyevna Budanova (Russian female ace) Richard Ira Bong (top US ace) Joseph Jacob Foss Lance Cleo Wade (American who flew in the RAF. highest ranking American in RAF) General Jimmy Doolittle Hans Ulrich Rudel --- German pilot who was awarded Germany's highest award for flying as 2,500+ ground-attack missions against Russian tanks and troops. Joe Kennedy (brother of President John Kennedy, killed in experimental remote-controlled bomber) George H. Bush (President of US) John Morgan, pilot of "The Memphis Belle" the first crew to complete 25 missions.

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Who broke rickenbackers record for enemy plane kills during World War 2?

Richard bong-40 kills

What is Richard Bong's birthday?

Richard Bong was born on September 24, 1920.

What is the web address of the Richard Bong World War 2 Heritage Center in Superior Wisconsin?

The web address of the Richard Bong Wwii Heritage Center is:

What is the phone number of the Richard Bong World War 2 Heritage Center in Superior Wisconsin?

The phone number of the Richard Bong Wwii Heritage Center is: 715-392-7151.

What is the airport code for Richard I. Bong Airport?

The airport code for Richard I. Bong Airport is SUW.

When was Richard I. Bong Memorial Bridge created?

Richard I. Bong Memorial Bridge was created in 1985.

How old was Richard Bong at death?

Richard Bong died on August 6, 1945 at the age of 24.

When was Richard Bong State Recreation Area created?

Richard Bong State Recreation Area was created in 1963.

Where is the Richard Bong World War 2 Heritage Center in Superior Wisconsin located?

The address of the Richard Bong Wwii Heritage Center is: 305 E 2Nd St, Superior, WI 54880-6845

How old is Richard Bong?

Richard Bong was born on September 24, 1920 and died on August 6, 1945. Richard Bong would have been 24 years old at the time of death or 94 years old today.

When did did Richard bong die?

Richard Bong died on August 6, 1945 at the age of 24.

When was Richard Bong born?

Richard Bong died in California on August 6th 1945. He was 24 years, 8 months and 13 days old when he died.In the Pacific Theater he flew the P-38 scoring 40 Victories against the Japanese and receiving the Congressional Medal of Honor for his achievements. Bong became a test pilot assigned to Lockheed on the P-80 Shooting Star project in Burbank, California in 1945 where he died during a routine test flight