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u should find out ask the goverment these people dont know

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Q: What types of planes did the Anzac's use in world war 1?
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What types of planes did the kamikaze use in World War 2?


What is the use of jet planes?

Jet planes can be of many types and some perform better than piston planes.

What are the different types of vehicles use in flight?

air planes

What types of silent planes did the allies use in the invasion of the french coast?

They were gliders

Why did World War 2 use planes?

we used planes in world war 2 it was easyer to bomb other places and they where new.

What are some different types of planes?

There are many different types of planes aside from the commercial airliners that people use daily to get one from part of the world to another. More specialized airplanes include military helicopters, propeller aircrafts, helicopters, and pusher aircrafts.Commercial and navy are your basic groups of planes. Commuter planes carry a small number of passengers and commercial planes vary in passenger accommodation. Manufacturers like Boeing make commercial planes in all sizes like the Boeing 737 and Boeing 747.

What rifles did the anzacs use?

SMLE- aka the Lee Enfield

What weapons did the Anzacs use?

Most Anzacs were equipped with Lee-Enfield rifles, which are bolt action, clip fed, and hold 10 rounds of ammunition.

Did they use air planes during World War 2?

Yes, extensively. And WWI was the first war in which air planes were used.

What weapons did the Soviets use in World War 2?

Air planes and bombs

What advantages did the parachute have in the world war?

the English pilots could use parachutes to jump out of their planes when the German's bombed their planes hope this helps!

What were some key developments in aviation that impacted World War 2?

The development of radar, the use of aircraft carriers, the use of planes in massive bombardments, culminating with the use of planes to drop the Atomic Bomb.