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What the people did in the minning camps was, Gather to collect gold, and as for the women and children, they cooked and ect.

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Q: What types of work did people do in mining camps?
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What is the difference between a Concentration camp and an Extermation camp?

A Concentration camp was used to torture or force their prisoners to work. An extermination camp was where they were all systematically murdered in mass quantities, and in horrific ways. (An extermination camp was also known as a death camp.) I hope this helps you.

What is the difference between death camps and labor camps?

Although the British are said to have invented and used concentration camps in the Boer War, such camps are mainly associated with Nazi Germany.The Nazis had four main types of camp:The Stalags: prisoner-of-war campsLabour camps: where slave labourers were housedConcentration camps: interim holding campsExtermination camps; where prisoners were murdered soon after arrival.Some concentration camps also has extermination facilities such as gas chambers and incinerators.British and Allied POWs were treated relatively well.Russian and East European POWs were treated very badly, often being starved or murdered.Slave labourers were treated sufficiently well to keep them useful to the Nazi state, but such workers did not last long before they became infirm and were shipped off for extermination.In concentration camps, conditions were hell on earth.In extermination camps, the poor victims did not have long to suffer before they were killed.

What other races did Hitler perescute?

In addition to the Jews, many Gypsies were killed. The Nazis also sent homosexuals, communists, pacifists and Jehovah's Witnesses to the concentration camps. They also killed handicapped people and later in the war some Allied PoWs and Catholic priests also ended up in the camps. Russian PoWs weren't generally sent to concentration camps but had camps separate to Allied PoWs and were very poorly treated and died in their thousands in captivity. Many of the people subjugated by the Nazis weren't sent to concentration camps but were rounded up to work in labour camps attached to German factories, and again, conditions in these camps and at the work-sites were atrocious so many slave workers died. These included Poles, Czechs and French.

Which US companies profited from Nazi involvement?

Kodak used people from camps to work for them. Hugo Boss made Nazi uniforms. Volkswagen also use people from camps to run production. Bayer helped in making the gas and experiments used on the prisoners. This is just a few out of many companies.

Where were concentration camps located during world war 2?

Concentration camps were either forced labor camps or death camps. Either way, most inmates were worked until they died. Filthy conditions and minimal food led to many deaths by starvation and disease. In some cases, hideous medical experiments were performed, often to discover better ways to kill prisoners. The people sent to these camps were treated in a totally malicious and inhumane manner. The death camps were part of Hitler's "Final Solution" (genocide of the Jews), although ethnic Polish populations were subject to the same type of methodical exterminations.

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What were the so viet labor camps?

they were camps where people were put to work.

What kind of work were the people forced to do in nazi camps?

Work for the armaments industryQuarryingMining

People who dig silver and gold work in what?

they work in the mining industry and the silver and Gold gets turned into Jewelry

How many types of concentration camps are there?

1) Work camps, where inmates were payed meager salaries for back breaking work. 2) Standard concentration camps where Jews were worked to death. 3) Death camps where the sole purpose was to destroy as many Jews as possible as quickly as possible.

How many people work for mining?

I'm guessing 550000

What types of camps were there in Germany?

It's common to draw a distinction between 'ordinary' concentration camps like Dachau and Buchenwald, and extermination camps. The latter existed only for the purpose of killing. They are:Auschwitz II (Birkenau section)BelzecChelmnoMajdanek (part only)SobiborTreblinka IIIn addition, there were transit camps and various 'specialized' camps.

Where can one find information on mining work?

Career Mine is one of the place on browser to find information on mining work. It hires people and once they get the job, they will have fun mining oil and gas.

What was life like in mining camps?

It was hard work and very exhausting. Miners often felt resentment, towards the miners who found more gold than them.

What did the children do for work in the camps?

Children did not work in the camps.

Why did people agree with Hitler's concentration camps?

Most thought they were simply work camps and they were being relocated and not the full story.

What kind of work did the Jewish people do in the concentration camps?

They dug soil

What is the percentage of people work related in the farming and mining industry?