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What the people did in the minning camps was, Gather to collect gold, and as for the women and children, they cooked and ect.

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Q: What types of work did people do in mining camps?
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What was done with the people that Hitler did not like?

they were usually sent to concentration camps (death camps), work camps, or political prisoner camps. he would exterminate the people he did not like (kill them), or he would keep them as prisoners, he would torture them too.

What happened to Jewish people who refused to work in the concentration camps?

Simply killed

What was it like in Holocaust concentration camps?

There were different types of camps. In ordinary concentration camps the prisoners had to work for the Nazis on insufficient food and were ill treated as a matter of routine. In the extermination camps, such as the Birkenau section of Auschwitz, most of the new arrivals were gassed as soon as practical after their arrival. Some were 'selected' for work and systematically worked to death.

Describe the concentration camps in the Holocaust?

Concentration camps were camps that the Jewish, Gypsie, or other people were forced to go to, to be tortured or forced to do work. Adolf Htiler and the German Nazi Soldiers did not like those kind of people so they decided to put them in camps, called Concentration camps. They put them in these camps mostly because of their looks and their religion. The camps were built to fit many people in them. They also had many bunk beds to save room.

What is the difference between a Concentration camp and an Extermation camp?

In my view extermination camps aka 'Death' camps are a type of concentration camp. So, there are 3 types of concentration camps: Death Camps aka Extermination Camps-->where hundreds of thousands of people are slaughtered Forced Labour Camps-->where millions are forced into hard labour Re-education Camps-->where the prisoners are brainwashed, psychological tortured.

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What were the so viet labor camps?

they were camps where people were put to work.

How do people of the Sahel work?

by fishing and mining

What did people do at consentration camps?

Work as slaves

What kind of work were the people forced to do in nazi camps?

Work for the armaments industryQuarryingMining

People who dig silver and gold work in what?

they work in the mining industry and the silver and Gold gets turned into Jewelry

How many people work for mining?

I'm guessing 550000

What was life like in gold rush mining camps and towns?

Very expensive, hurried, dangerous, uncomfortable, and very hard work. It was also exciting.

Where can one find information on mining work?

Career Mine is one of the place on browser to find information on mining work. It hires people and once they get the job, they will have fun mining oil and gas.

How many types of concentration camps are there?

1) Work camps, where inmates were payed meager salaries for back breaking work. 2) Standard concentration camps where Jews were worked to death. 3) Death camps where the sole purpose was to destroy as many Jews as possible as quickly as possible.

What are two types of camps Hitler created?

There were two main types of camps created by the Nazis during the Holocaust, namely concentration camps and extermination camps. The term for concentration camps was borrowed from the British concentration camps during the Second Anglo-Boer War in South Africa. The concentration camps were placed where the enemies of the Nazis were enslaved, starved, tortured and killed. People in the concentration camps were put to work in harsh conditions. This included Jews, Soviet prisoners of wars, Gypsies, Poles, homosexuals, people with disabilities, Jehovah's witnesses, Catholic clegy, Eastern European intellectuals and others like common criminals. Many prisoners died in the concentration camps due to maltreatment, disease, starvation and overwork. The extermination camps is also known as death camps as these camps were only used to systematically kill people, mostly Jews, by gassing them. These camps were different from the concentration camps as new arrivals to these camps were immediately killed and were not put to work first. It included Chelmno, Belzec, Majdanek, Sobibor and Treblinka. Auschwitz-Birkenau was a combination of concentration and extermination camps.

What did the children do for work in the camps?

Children did not work in the camps.

What was the difference between concetrantion camps and death camps?

The main difference is that concentration camps were for confining prisoners and putting them to work, death camps were purpose built to murder people.

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