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8th Infantry Division

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Q: What u.s. army division in World War 2 included the 1259th combat engineers?
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What Unit was the 1341st Combat Engineers with before serving at Saipan and Tinian with the 4th Marine Division?

I believe the 1341st Combat Engineers was created when the 34th Combat Engineer Battalion reorganized on 26 April 1944

How many units fought on Omaha Beach?

There were many units involved in the landing. Even an infantry division is composed of many small units such as signal corps companies etc. Infantry and armored Landing forces: 116th Regimental Combat Team(RCT) of the 29th Infantry Division 743rd Tank Battalion 16th RCT of the 1st Infantry Division 741st Tank Battalion Three companies of the 2nd Ranger Battalion were to take a fortified battery at Pointe du Hoc, followed by 5th Ranger Battalion. At H+195 minutes two further Regimental Combat Teams, the 115th RCT of the 29th Infantry Division and the 18th RCT of the 1st Infantry Division were to land, along with the 26th RCT of the 1st Infantry Division. These infantry units were supported by engineers and naval beach units.

How many tanks in Pattons fourth armor division?

The US eventually created sixteen armored divisions. Only two, the Second and Third, retained the prewar levels of equipment and were considered "heavy" armored divisions. All the others, including the 4th AD, were "light" and had less tanks. The number of tanks was further reduced in the autumn of 1944 as M4 Sherman medium tank losses in Europe outstripped the army's ability to replace them.When the 4th AD entered combat in Europe it was operating under the Table of Organization and Equipment of September 15, 1943. This included a Division Headquarters and Headquarters (H&H) Company, two Combat Command Headquarters (CCA and CCB), a Reserve Combat Command Headquarters (CCR), three tank battalions (of three medium and one light tank companies), three armored infantry battalions, three eighteen-gun artillery battalions, a cavalry reconnaissance squadron (battalion), an engineer battalion, and division services. The division was commanded by a major general, the combat commands by a brigadier general (who was also assistant division commander) and two colonels. The division included 77 light tanks, 168 medium tanks, 18 M4 105mm assault guns, 54 M7 105mm SP artillery pieces, 54 M8 armored cars, 450 halftracks, 1,031 motor vehicles, and 8 light observation aircraft. Total personnel strength was 10,754.After the TO & E was changed in the autumn of 1944 each tank battalion had twelve less medium tanks, so after that time the division would have had 132 medium tanks, at full strength.

Did the 82ND Airborne Division make 5 combat jumps in World War II?

No, the 82nd ARB made 4 combat jumps during world war II. Salerno, Sicily, Normandy, and Holland. The only other combat jump since was into Panama during Operation Just Cause.

What American Infantry Division saw the most days of combat during World War 2?

34th "Red Bull" Infantry Division served 517 days of combat. The 1st Battalion, 133rd Infantry served 611 days in combat. The 1st & 34th Infanry Divisions were sent to England for preparation to be used in combat. Both saw service in N. Africa, Sicily, but the 1st Infantry Division was returned to England for preparations of the D-Day invasion. The 34th Infantry Division were allowed a period of rest during the campaign in Sicily(July-August 1943) but saw continued combat service throughout the war. WW2 Campaigns Algeria-French Morocco Tunisia Naples-Foggia Anzio Rome-Arno North Apennines Po Valley Quoting an WW2 newspaper article: The price of victory had come high to the 34th. 3,737 killed in action, 14,165 wounded and 3,460 missing in action: a total of 21,362 battle casualties.

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What Unit was the 1341st Combat Engineers with before serving at Saipan and Tinian with the 4th Marine Division?

I believe the 1341st Combat Engineers was created when the 34th Combat Engineer Battalion reorganized on 26 April 1944

When was Singapore Combat Engineers created?

Singapore Combat Engineers was created in 1967.

What is the motto of Singapore Combat Engineers?

Singapore Combat Engineers's motto is 'Advance and Overcome'.

What is information regarding the Army Corp of Combat Engineers Company A 33rd Division?

I have a complete history of the 108th Engineer Combat Battalion, the Engineer Unit organic to the 33rd Infantry Division. Richard V. Horrell WW 2

Do marine combat engineers build airports?

Only if the Army Corp of Engineers is unavailable for it. Generally combat engineers are busy performing demolitions or assault bridging.

What is information on the 148th Combat Engineers in World War 2?

The 146th Combat Engineers hace an association. They can be reached at this web address and scrolling down to locate their unit.

What did military combat engineers do in World War 2?

For more info on combat engineers, please visit our site at Our site is still new, but you will find info on "What Combat Engineers Did?" right on our History Page. We are adding info all the time, so please drop by. Thanks, Marion

What are the release dates for Weaponology - 2007 US Combat Engineers 2-10?

Weaponology - 2007 US Combat Engineers 2-10 was released on: USA: 3 February 2008

Do combat engineers carry guns?

Yes, they do- and use them quite well.

Can Combat Engineers be issued Combat Infantry Badges?

No. You must actually hold an 11 series (Infantry) Primary MOS while in a combat zone to be awarded a CIB. Combat Engineers get awarded the CAB (Combat Action Badge) for instances of direct contact with the enemy. The only engineers eligible for the CIB are those who hold the 18C - Special Forces Engineer Sergeant - MOS; all Special Forces personnel, with the exception of medical personnel, are eligible for the CIB.

Did Engineers attached to infantry squads during the War engage in active combat?


What is the difference between USMC and USARMYs combat engineers?

Since the Marines are the first in, the USMC engineers must provide demolition, maintenance, repairs, and construction to have the theater combat ready when the fighting troops arrive. The Army engineers provide the same service after the Marines are gone and the Army has taken over the military operations.