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During the 19th century it was called the "war of rebellion", in the 20th century it was called the US Civil War.

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Q: What us war was called the blue vs the grey?
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What side was the grey in the Civil War?

In the US Civil War, the uniform of the Confederacy was gray, and the uniform of the Union was blue.

What colors represented each side of the US Civil War?

At the beginning of the US Civil War, some of the the Confederate army uniforms were a butternut color. Grey was introduced as soon as these color uniforms could be produced. The US army already had blue uniforms and remained with that color.

Did the US wear grey coats in the civil war?

The confederate soldiers (of the new Confederacy of the United States) wore grey uniforms versus the union soldiers who wore blue uniforms.

What was the US called during the civil war?

US, Federals, Union, Yankees, Blue Coats, Northerners.

What are union warships?

US Navy warships. During the US Civil War, the US was called: Federal forces; Union forces; Yankees; Yanks; Blue Coats; Northerners; etc.

What is the blue thing above us called?

That little tent of blue is called "the sky".

What is the blue and the gray movie about?

The US Civil War.

What war was against the North US and South US?

That was called the US Civil War.

What did the US Navy's uniform look like in World War 1?

in world war one it was light blue and in world war two it was normal blue

What was the war called between the north and the south of the US?

It was called the Civil War.

What were the uniforms they wore in the US civil war?

In the US Civil War, the soldiers of the north wore a dark blue uniform, and the soldiers of the south wore gray uniforms. The war is still remembered in terms of blue vs. gray.

What color did Robert E. Lee wear in the civil war?

In the US Civil War, the Union (North) Army usually wore blue. The South wore Grey but often they didn't have official uniforms.