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My name is Harold Stilley and I have a 1928 world war copper medal. I would like to know the value of this medal.

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Q: What value have a ww1 war medal and a victory medal got.?
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What is the value of world war 2 victory medal?


What is the value of a world war 2 victory medal?


When was World War I Victory Medal - United States - created?

World War I Victory Medal - United States - was created in 1919.

What is a World War 2 victory medal?

It is a medal that is awarded to all the military people who served in WWII. On the medal is an eagle. It's often referred to as the "Ruptured Duck Medal"

What is value of 5 British medals World War 2 era?

Sometimes war medals can be worth a lot of money. The value of a British war medal depends on the specific kind of medal.

Was Kennedy a world war 2 hero?

John F. Kennedy was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for bravery , Kennedy's other decorations in World War II included the Purple Heart , American Defense Service Medal , American Campaign Medal , Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal with three bronze service stars and the World War II Victory Medal .

How much is a Nazi war merit medal worth 1939?

A 1939 war merit medal has a value of around 20 to 30 Dollars us. The award document that accompanies such an award has a greater value. The Value of the medal may go higher if the medal is court mounted ...est 40 to 50 Dollars US. The general condition also plays a role.

What kind of honors did George Washington get?

he got a medal in the war for being the general

The bombing of hiroshima was a war crime?

In war, declared or not, everything is a crime weather you got a medal or jail time.

Do all soldiers receive a medal for service in ww1?

Most personnel who served in the armed forces during WW1 were eligible for the World War 1 Victory Medal for periods of service between 1917-1918? The WWI Victory Medal had nothing to do with being wounded. US soldiers wounded received a Certificate, which later, when the Purple Heart Medal was created in 1932, could be "turned in" for a Purple Heart Medal.

Does Richard Nixon resive any award?

For his service in the Navy in World War Two Nixon received one or two letters of commendation (sources vary), the American Campaign Medal, the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal with two bronze service stars and the World War Two Victory Medal.

How were medals issued to servicemen after World War 2?

Answer The last day of the war, the Victory Medal was issued by General Order #33 issued in 1945 by the War Department. Several years after the war, the Prisoner Of War Medal was issued for any soldier who had been captured and held as prisoner in any war. This medal was not created then but after the war, the Bronze Star Medal was automatically issued to any soldier who had previously earned the Combat Infantryman's Badge, which was given to a soldier who qualified as an infantryman and who served in combat. Custermen