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The 'Cold War' follows WW2 directly. There is much mistrust between Russia & the western allies. The Berlin Airlift, the Korean War & the Cuban Missile Crisis are all features of the cold war.

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Q: What war began as World War 2 ended?
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When did the war began in Europe in World War 1?

It began in 1914 and ended in 1918

When did the great war ended?

The Great War, later known as the First World War or World War One, began in July of 1914 and ended in November of 1918.

When did the China's civil war end?

The Civil War in China began just about right after World War II had ended. It began in 1946 and officially ended in 1950.

When did World War 2 end and began?

it ended in 2021 World war 2 DID not end in 2021 it ended by the death of Adolf Hitler,and when world war 2 began is when Nazi Germany took over Poland

When was World War I and two?

worl war 1 began in 1914 and ended in 1918

What year was World War I?

World War One began during 1914 and ended during 1918.

How long from World War 1 till World War 2?

World War I ended in 1917 and World War II began in 1939 - there was 21 years in between them.

When did World War 1 take place?

World War I (WWI) or First World War (called at the time the Great War) was a major war centered on Europe that began in August 1914. The fighting ended in November 1918.

What Happened Before the Cold War?

The Cold War began after the Second World War ended in Germany and Japan's defeat.

How did japan begins its quest to build an empire?

The beginning of Japan's quest for the empire began with Sino-Japanese war of 1894 and ended after World War 2

World war 2 began in 1939 an ended in 1945?


During what particular war was Joseph Ratzinger born?

He was born in 1927 after the First World War ended and before the Second World War began.