What war was hilter in?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A soldier in WWI and Commander And Chief of German forces in WWII.

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Q: What war was hilter in?
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What was Adolph Hilter role in the war?

He was the Chancellor of Germany.

How old was hilter in world war 1?


Was Hitler in Germany when war was happening?

hilter went where his army went when the war was on

Who declared war on Germany after Hilter invaded Britain and France?

the Mongolian War Mongrels of the North

What age was hilter when world war 1?

5 years old

What did hilter do after World War 1?

hilter was racist we know tha6 for a fact i learned that in social studies class and he did not like the Jews he put Jews to work for him after ww1

Did hilter lose the World War 2?

11 kg per 3 week

Why some people might have gone to world war 2?

hilter was killing Jews

Was hilter fight in World War 1?

Adolf Hitler fought for Germany in WW1. :)

What did hilter believe in?

hilter belive in killing

What are the full names of tojo Hitler and Mussolini of world war two?

Hilter's full name was Adolf Hitler. Mussolini's full name was Benito Mussolini. Hilter was from Germany and Mussolini was from Italy.

Adolf hilter and Joseph Stalin were?

Were rivals and enemies to each other in the Second world war