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World War One.

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Q: What war was known as the Great War?
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What was World War 1 known as?

The Great War or The War to End All Wars

Which war is known as 'Great War'?

Until World War 2 it was not expected that a second global war would be fought, so World War 1 was commonly known as the Great War.

What war was World War I known as?

World War 1... also the Great War.

What war was in 1915?

World War 1 - known at the time as The Great War.

What war was known as the war to eand all wars?

The Great War (aka WWI)

When did the great war become known as World War 1?

After the 2nd World War.

What other name is the French and Indian War known by?

It has a lot of other names: The Seven Years War, The Fourth Intercolonial War, The Great War for the Empire, The Forgotten War. In Canada, it is known as the War Of Conquest.

Why was the great war known as a total war?

The Great War (WWI) was the first of its kind, one that involved many nations.

What was world war 1 know as in England?

It was known as 'the great war'

Is World War 2 known as the good war?

No but in Russia it's the Great patriotic war

World War 1 is also known as?

The Great War.

How did World War 1 get its name?

Until World War II it was known as the 'Great War'.