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Hitlers term for "master race" All white, Aryan Nation, and also Non-Jewish.

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Q: What was Hitlers term for the ''master race''?
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What was hitlers term for master race?

Hitlers term for "master race" All white, Aryan Nation, and also Non-Jewish.

What was adolf hitlers master race called?

The Aryan race

What was hitlers purpose in killing so many people?

Hitler wanted the German race to be the only race that's why it was called the "master race"

What was hitlers idea that the german people were a superior form of humanity?

He used Viking mythology to create a master race.

What was hitlers perfect race called?

There wasn't a "name" for his ideal race of blond hair and blue eyed people.

Was hitlers concept of aryan race as the master race was used to justify the extermination of the Jews?

yes, they believed that as betters they did not want lesser people polluting their world.

What was one of hitlers goals for the German race?

Hitler wanted to purify the German race and create a master race free of mutations and things that he believed would set the human race back.

What was the name given to hitlers supreme race?

The Aryan race

What is hitlers killstreak?

He was the master of Battlefield 3

What was the name of hitlers perfect race?

his perfect race was called the ayrian race

What was Adolf Hitler's theory on race?

you have to have blond hair and blue eyes to be hitlers race

Was adold Hitler really a member of the master race himself?

No, Hitlers "Master Race" was meant to be a race of tall, long legged and slim people that have narrow faces, narrow foreheads, narrow highbuilt noses, lower jaw and a prominent chin. The skin was meant to be a rosy bright colour and the hair was to be blond, smooth, straight, wavy or possibly curly at childhood.