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The entente cordiale of 1904 was a agreement between Britain and France which sorted out various areas of dispute, mainly in Africa.

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Q: What was The entente cordiale of 1904?
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What two countries signed the entente cordiale in 1904?

brittain and France

When and why did britain and france sign the entente cordiale?

The Britain and France signed the entente cordial in the year 1904. They signed it to make peace.

Britain and France signed an entente and became?

In 1904, Britain and France signed the Entente Cordiale, which served as a declaration of newfound friendship and the beginnings of an alliance.

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Which countries were in the entente cordiale?

France and great Britain

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What is another word for the phrase friendly understanding?

entente cordiale

Why did Germany feel threatened by the entente cordiale?

because penis

What was the effect of the agadir crisis on the alliances?

the entente cordiale was strengthened

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