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more working women

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Q: What was an economic effect of world was II apex?
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What was an economic effect of word war II?

Increased numbers of working women

What were effect of World War 1?

I am not being facetious: The biggest effect of World War I was World War II.

After World War II population in the cities and suburbs?

increased -apex

Which of these countries had to recover from the destruction of the atomic bomb after World War II?


What was Hitler's effect on the world?

hitler had cased world war II and the holocaust.

Which economic concept is associated with rationing during world war ii?


What contributed to economic growth in America after world war ii?

The baby boom

How did World War II affect the economic status of women in the us?

Gave them a taste of economic self reliance and incorporated them into the work world.

How did the tie between the US and Australia formed during World War 2 effect the economic growth of post World War 2 Australia?

The tie between USA and Australia (ANZUS) is a military tie. It has nothing to do with or impact on Australia's economic growth post World War II. The USA is not a major trading partner of Australia.

Upon entering World War II, American troops first invaded?

it was north Africa (apex)

What were problems faced by the allied powers after world war ii?

All of the above -Apex

Which threat was a popular subject of American invasion literature after World War II?

(Apex) Soviet occupation.