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physical strength and honor

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Q: What was expected of men in the South?
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What were women expected to do during the war?

They were expected to take over men's jobs.

What was expected from a renaissance men?

WHat was expected is being rich, strong, idk what else

What age were young colonial men and women expected to marry?

Between 16 and 20 it was expected for young colonial men and women to marry.

What is south African budget based on is it on required or general or expected or earned income and spending?

The South African budget is based on the the expected income and spending. The South African budget is based on the tax collected and the expected or earned income.

During the war many women were expected to do what?

They were expected to work in factory jobs.

Who expected women to work at home?

Men !

What were Japanese men expected to do beginning in 1889?

They were expected to serve a certain amount of time in the national military.

How does Mulan demonstrate the expectations for women in ancient china?

- Women are expected to get married - Women are expected to have children especially boys to be an army - Women are expected to keep quiet when men are around and they are not allowed to interrupt them when men are having a conversation

What are Critical components of fire danger index in south Africa?

Expected temperature, expected wind strength, expected relative humidity, last rainfall. Expected rainfall is not included.

Why do you wear a belt?

just to feel comfortable, especially men. Men are expected to wear a belt

What expected behavior of young men in Elizabethan times?


Why were the people in the north shocked after the first battle of Bull Run and the people in the south thrilled?

All were in shock. They expected a glorious day of war and found blood, death, and wounded men. It was not glorious after all.