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Q: What was hand thrown bombs called?
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What was hand thrown bombs?


What kind of rocks grapefruit sized thrown from a nearby volcano what are they called?

volcanic bombs

What are volcano bombs?

They are called lava bombs they are chunks of semi molten rock thrown up from the volcano and then falling from a great height. When they hit the ground they have the shape of a bomb.

How often were gas bombs thrown?


Why were the atomic bombs in world war 2 given nicknames?

Yes the one that was thrown on Hiroshima was called little Boy

What are the pieces of moten rock called that are thrown out of a volcano?

The Rock That Comes Out Of A Volcano Is A Igneous Rock.

A type shot where the ball is thrown over one shoulder?

This is called a hand shot

How long to fly from Manchester to Liverpool?

depends how many petrol bombs get thrown

What is volcanic material thrown out during erputions?

volcanic ash, volcano bombs, and lava

How did the US throw the nuclear bomb on Japan?

The two bombs were dropped from B-29 airplanes, not thrown.

What is a cluster of bombs dropped from an aircraft called?

a stick of bombs

Why people lived in trenches?

in WW1 thay lved in trenches to be protected from attacks from bombs and grenades thrown by the enemey. the earth trenches hid them as well as making it harder for bombs to harm them