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One of the main things was the Second World War.

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The Second World War was the greatest event happening at that time.

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The SEcond World War ( World War (II)).

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World War 2 (1939-1945).

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Q: What was happening at the same time as the holocaust?
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How does the US Constitution prevent things like the holocaust from happening again?

The US constitution pre-dated the Holocaust by about 150 years, it did not prevent the Holocaust happening the first time. The Holocaust happened very far away from the USA, whether the US even had a constitution was totally irrelevant.

How was the economy during the Holocaust?

Terrible. The Great Depression was happening during the Holocaust. ___ No. The economies of most countries were booming at the time. After all, there was a major war going on ...

2 events happening at the same time?

Two events happening at the same time would be considered simultaneous.

What was the time period of the Holocaust?

still happening now because of David Cameron

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Two things that are coinciding are happening at the same time.

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When two things are happening simultaneously, it means they are occurring at the same time or concurrently. This can refer to events, actions, or processes that are running in parallel without delay or interruption.

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Has Germany done anything memorial?

The most memorable happening in Germany is the Holocaust. There are plenty more, but the Holocaust is the most famous.

Are there similar situations like the Holocaust happening today around the world?


Did the Holocaust and World War 2 happen at the same time?

the holocaust was in the duration of world war II, ___ Yes, the Holocaust took place during World War 2.