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the invasion of normandy on June 6th, 1944 was the largest amphibious landing in world history

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Q: What was history's greatest naval invasion?
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Why is the invasion of Normandy considered one of historys greatest naval invasions?

because of it's magnitude of men, ships, aircraft and supplies....................

Why is the invasion of Normandy considered one of historys greatest naval invasion?

The invasion of Normandy is considered one of the the greatest naval invasions because it involved over 11,000 ships from British, American, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, Polish, French, and Dutch navies. Many of the smaller landing ships were even crewed by the US Coast Guard.

Why is the Battle of Normandy considered history's greatest naval invasion?

Because it employed more vessels than any other invasion, before or since.

Why is the invasion of Normandy considered one of the greatest naval invasions in history?

The invasion of Normandy, starting with D-Day was the largest naval and air invasion ever. In four months they landed more troops, vehicles and cargo than at any other time in history.

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What is a good example of a naval invasion besides Normandy?

Iwo Jima

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In World War 2 What was the greatest sea invasion?

The greatest in numbers: D-Day/Normandy in 1944, had the greatest COLLECTION of vessels and personnel. The greatest in violence: Okinawa in 1945, was the most violent and deadly.

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