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The warring nations in WW1 limited trade volume with their enemies in order to weaken them. In the advanced stages of the war, naval blockades were used to prevent essential items from reaching some nations.

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meat and food

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6 condoms and a bar of cholate

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Corned beef

Loaf of bread (with or without jam, margarine, etc.)



Two big table spoons of Rum

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Q: What was included in the ration backpacks in world war 1?
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Where there ration books during World War I?

The European countries involved in World War 1 introduced food rationing. Obviously, this involved issuing ration-books.

Did babies get ration books during World War 2?

yes they have it in world war 2

What was the Ration group of World War 2?

The ration group of WWII was the Office of Price Administration (OPA).

What is the ration for 1 week?

During the first world war, the food ministry was created in Britain to ration food products. During the second world war, the food ration for one week was, eggs, fats, cheese, and bacon.

What items required ration coupons in World War 2?

During World War II, various items required ration coupons to ensure fair distribution and conserve resources. Some of these items included food staples like sugar, meat, butter, and coffee. Other rationed goods included clothing, gasoline, and tires. Rationing was implemented to support the war effort and prevent shortages.

Were there ration books in Australia in World War 2?

Yes there were.

What food didn't they ration in world war ii?


Did churchill ration during world war 2?


Ration cards in World War 2?

whem did the rations finish in world war 2?

What is the value of a World War 2 War Ration book No 3 and what was it used for?


Why did the shopkeeper have to stamp your ration book in World War 2?

the shopkeepers in world war 2 had to stamp the ration books to make sure that the person collecting the rations could not collect more.

Where can you buy world War 2 ration book?

You can get a copied oneat the imperial war museam in london. and you can get those identification book and a clothes ration book