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He believed in Nazi religion.

Thankyou Cameron Davies, the Nazis were a religion? I (Tim Baber now writing) approach this from another arguable direction with a smaller brush at first. He was complex outside being lethal.

Mengele had been and was bought up a devout Catholic. To say he He believed in the Nazi religion is a simplification like saying someone as a freemason is religious. He suggested the Jews had to be eliminated because they were as clever as the Ayran lot in one discussion overheard by a Survivor. He also wished, no stipulated a reputed illegitimate girl daughter everyone forgets should be bought up a Catholic. His son Rolf now a retired lawyer using the name Jenckel was told by Mengele he had never hurt anyone and saved many people and hoped he would progress in his career academically.

That seems a conventional ambition and example. Mengele was status conscious and disliked being stripped of his qualification. Changes of mood and manipulations maybe were the trauma program.

About 200 or 300 children did survive until liberation. Ask Eva Kor. It seems likely he was overtaken by Weltanschauungskrieg...which needed trauma research for mind kontrole . The Catholics became involved or already were so he was showing some professional courtesy perhaps. Today it would be China, or anywhere. see for more, hopefully simulated trauma nowadays. . I met him once so I had to find this out. It got worse, now the NSA Extreme Process in Psyops is enlarging the playing field. I got caught, non lethal though, . And you? The point is to realise in law is if you lose your mens rea any actus rea is possible. Religion? Just a cover story today.

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Q: What was josef mengele's religion?
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