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As you may know ww1 was not a Good four years for anyone.

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it was rubbish

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Thank you for the very helpful and compact information you have displayed here, this has helped me with the work I have had to do in my English class today.

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Q: What was life like in Britain during ww1?
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What was life like in England during ww1?


What was school life like in 1900 during ww1?


Who did Americans trade with during WW1?

Great Britain

What are the condition of life in the trenches?

You can learn about what life was like in the trenches during WW1 by looking to the links below .

What did Britain France and russia form during ww1?

the allies

Which country during ww1 had the biggest empire?

great britain

What music did Great Britain listen to during WW1?

the children and adults did not listen to jazz during ww1 as it was not invented until 1920

Who was leader of Great Britain during ww1?

King George V

Who were the allied powers during ww1?

Great Britain, France, and Russia

How did the effects of ww1 affect France and Britain's willingness to go to war again?

The damage it had sustained during ww1

What is the british home front?

What happened in Britain during WW1, instead of on the battlefields.

Who did the Japanese side with during ww1?

The allies - Britain, France Russia, ect