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Q: What was not related to the Cold War in the 1980?
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What describes the tensions of the cold war in 1980?

the cold war was coming to an end. Apex :)

How is cold war related to Democracy?

because people who fought the cold war hated democracy

How was the war in Vietnam related to the cold war?

Both were against communist aggression. The cold war was no shooting; Vietnam was shooting.

What nirvana songs are related to the cold war?


How is the red scare and the cold war related?


How is bosnian war and cold war related?

Bosnia/Kosovo, etc. are direct results of the collapse of the USSR (they are a result of the end of the cold war).

How was the Marshall Plan related to the cold war?

because it it was the plan

What war was in the 1980s?

There were dozens of wars that took place in the 1980's. A few of these international wars that occurred in the 1980's are: The Cold War, Invasion of Grenada, Arab-Israeli Conflict, 1982 Lebanon War, The Iran-Iraq War, Falklands War.

Is the Berlin Wall related to the holocaust?

nope, it is part of the Cold War.

Which of these was most closely related to issues of the Cold War?


What two countries were in a cold war during the 1950 through the late 1980?

Primarily US/USSR

Were there any wars in the cold war?

Yes, many. Korea, Vietnam, and Afghanistan were among the largest, but there were numerous wars related to the Cold War which were smaller in scale.