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Name, School, Age, Height, Home Address

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Q: What was on the evacuation tag World War 2?
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Are there facts about evacuation in World War 2?


WHO did World War 2 evacuation involve?

evacuation in world war 2 involved everyone really but there is nobody who was famous envolved ecept for Rebbecca Black and Ronhald Coleriche

What were the procedures for evacuation in World War 2?

wear clothes

What was evacuation like in World War 2?

it was very hard

Are there any quotes about evacuation in world war 2?


Why did evacuation start before World War 2?

As a precaution.

Which country in World War 2 falls after evacuation of 338000 soldiers?

France capitulates after the Dunkirk evacuation .

Did any mothers disagree about evacuation in World War 2?


Was evacuation is a positive experienced during world war 2?


In world war 2 was evacuation a good idea?

Yes. Evacuation was a good idea because the children were safe in the country.

What is the emergency powers act world war 2?

its like blackouts and evacuation

What types of people were chosen for evacuation during world war 2?