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It made people want to wear brighter colors.

It made people more politically aware.

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It made people more politically aware

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It made people more politically aware -APEX

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What assumptions about mainstream culture were made by the counterculture?

Many assumptions about mainstream culture are made by the counterculture. One such assumption is that mainstream culture has life easier.

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One effect of the American revolution was?

The establishment of the United States.

What effect did the extreme realism of pop art have on American culture?

One effect that pop art had on American culture was that people became more critical of consumer culture.

What was one effect of the Latin American revolution of the 19th century?

Many Latin American countries achieved independence.

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An alternateen is a teenager who is into alternative rock music, or any counterculture youth, especially one which visible markings such as piercings.

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What unintended impact did counterculture have on many mainstream Americans?

While often debated, one unintended impact was the way the counterculture took social misfits, such as the Apple computer developers Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, and turned them and other computing pioneers into successful businessmen.