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The South was concerned about maintaining the balance of power in the Senate.

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Q: What was one reason for the shift in diplomacy issues in the US Civil War?
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What was the legacy of American involvement and of Woodrow Wilson's diplomacy?

The legacy of America's involvement in World War I would be an increased military and expansion of the Federal government. President Woodrow Wilson will be known for his dramatic shift from neutrality and isolationism to global control and a zeal for war in order to expand his domestic agenda.

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What three events or trends that led to the collapse of Reconstruction in the South after the Civil War and why?

There were several events that led to the collapse of Reconstruction in the South. The first was the weakening and eventual end of the Freedman's' Bureau, which had acted as an advocate for the newly freed slaves on many levels. Next, was a weak president, Andrew Johnson, who appeased the former Confederate states by removing federal military districts. Another reason was the shift from the Radical Republican representation in Congress, to the Liberal/Republican party who were not as interested the plight of the newly freed slaves.

The shift in American public opinion in favor of an Allied victory in World War 1 occurred when?

The shift in American public pinion occured when Germany sank the Lusitania.

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