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Jews valubles were taken from them during the Holocaust such as pictures and things worth money.

It was more extreme than that. On arrival at the camps everything was taken away from them - including their clothes. Before they went into the gas chambers the women's hair was cut off - and used to stuff furniture. Most important of all, their lives were taken.
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well i know that they could not have bikes because the Nazi's wanted the Jews to feel lesser of themselves.

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All rights were taken away by the Nazis - especially the right to life (let alone liberty and property and 'due process).

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Their lives were taken in the gas chambers. By this time they had lost everything else.

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Besides their lives, anything of value was taken. That means, shoes, clothing, jewelry, eye glasses, hair and even teeth.

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Q: What was taken from the Jews during the Holocaust?
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What was taken away from Jews during the holocaust?

Everything. That's the short answer.

What happens to the Jews if they were found hiding during the holocaust?

They would be taken to camps or killed.

Did the Jews receive compensation for personal items taken away during the Holocaust?

No they didn`t!

What were the specific taken away from the Jews during the holocaust?

Lives, shops, and the thought of being safe.

What items were taken from Jews during the holocaust at the camps?

Their homes,their money,their jewlerry,their books and their buisness all those things were taken from them.

Was it just the Jews who got taken away during the holocaust?

no, the Jews were the main race taken but there were also gypsies, any free radicals that the Nazis could find.. anyone who was different was taken.

Was faith all the Jews had during the holocaust?

that is a good way of putting it, almost everything else was taken from them

What were the school rules for the Jews during the Holocaust?

During the actual Holocaust Jews were not supposed to go to school at all.

Where did they took the Jew on the Holocaust?

During the holocaust, Jews were taken to concentration camps in germany where they were either killed immediately upon arrival, or forced into work labour.

How many Jews were killed during the holocaust'?

The official figure is that 6 million Jews were murdered during the Holocaust.

What did the Holocaust do to the Jews?

During the Holocaust, Jews were captured and sent to death and concentration camps. At the death camps, Jews were killed. By shooting, Strangling, Poisen gas(Gas Chamber), and Burning alive. The Holocaust Killed MILLIONS of Jews. and only 100 or so Jews survived. All Jews caught were Starved,beaten ect

Who was to be sacrificed during the holocaust?

the Jews