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The 1936 German occupation of the Rhineland was met by Hitler's troops. Hitler created the reoccupation of the Rhineland military forces to build up his own army.

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Q: What was the 1936 German occupation of the Rhineland met by?
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Was the objective met in the Battle of Britain?

From the British side, Yes, From the German side No.

Why did Hitler rearm Rhineland?

Hitler probably wanted to see how far he could go. France and Britain were to afraid to confront him about anything he did and were avoiding conflict at all costs. They appeased to Hitler, and he no longer thought that they were going to confront him about anything. He probably wanted to see what they would do when he did something that they had forbidden him to do in the treaty of Versilles.

How many soldiers did Hitler's army have when he reoccupied the Rhineland and what were their orders?

Hitler had 16 betalions of men and they were ordered to take it at any cost, they also cooked pancakes (New respondent) I thought he was bluffing, and had actually issued sealed orders to retreat if they met any resistance.

What year did Germany remilitarize Rhineland?

The Treaty of Versailles prevented Germany from having armed forces in the area of Germany between the Rhine river & France or Belgium. Now we come to the contentious bit: Had Britain & France said to Hitler ' Either get your troops out of there now or else', but they didn't have the resolve to say that at the time. This was Hitlers first test of the resolve of the powers against him, and they failed dismally. I accept that hindsight is a great power, but..... -Emma - The remilitarization of the Rhineland was ordered by Hitler and carried out on the 7th of March in 1936. Hitler marched 22,000 of his troops onto demilitarised land breaking not only the Treaty of Versailles but also the Locarno Pact. As said above, Britain and France chose to take no action but for a number of reasons, 1. Economic trouble during the early 1930s meant Britain had reduced their spending on Arms and their military. Previous to the remilitarisation of the Rhineland, Britain had followed a policy of disarmament which left them vulnerable. 2. Britain believed that even combined with France, they did not have enough power to overcome Germany, not only that but also that they had already met to discuss the possibility of future remilitarisation but had decided against taking any action should it occur. 3. Britain's first priority was to protect their Empire therefore a War was not in their best interests as it would mean that the Navy would have to concentrate on other countries instead of the Empire. 4. The policy of appeasement meant Britain wished to avoid War, and the fear that a possible European War could occur also prevented them from conflict as this would help to form an alliance between two powerful fascist leaders, Hitler and Mussolini which was a dangerous risk that Britain was not prepared to take.

Where did Truman Attlee and Stalin meet after the German surrender?

Yalta, a town on the south coast of Crimea, an island in the Black Sea. Correction: They met at Potsdam, Germany, in July, 1945. The Yalta Conference, in February 1945, involved Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin.

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Where did Hitler send troops in 1936?

In 1936, Hitler attended locally to annexation and remilitarization of the Rhineland. More distantly, Hitler sent German military divisions to Spain to participate in the Spanish Civil War on the side of the Fascist Nationalists. Spain became a proving ground for both German air force divisions and for German tank divisions.

What were some of the effects of appeasing Hitler's after his invasion of the Rhineland?

After the invasion, the French met with Hitler and told him that he could have the Rhineland, but to stop trying to take land.

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Was the objective met in the Battle of Britain?

From the British side, Yes, From the German side No.

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