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They were both wars against communism; its just Vietnam was a shooting war and the cold war was NOT a shooting war.

Example (analogy)-It would be like two men arguing in a bar (as an example) about something (which would be the cold war) and then going outside and having a fist fight...or worse ( this would be Vietnam) about the same argument.

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The cold war was a "NON-SHOOTING WAR" between the free world and the communist world. Korea and Vietnam were "hot" battles (a shooting war) between the free world and the communists.

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Some called this war "The Hot Battle of the Cold War". It was during the cold war era but not at all cold.

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The Vietnam Conflict was an event which occurred during the course of the Cold War.

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Q: What was the Cold War during the Vietnam War?
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Kennedy was president during what war?

He was president during the cold war and vietnam.

What two major wars you involved in during the cold war era?

vietnam war and the cold war

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Which wars were during the 60's?

The Vietnam War and the Cold War were during the 60's.

What is a historical overview of the Vietnam war?

A communist victory during the cold war.

Who was the leader of North Vietnam during the Cold War?

BoB Mcclain

Why did the vitamin war start?

The Vietnam war started during the cold war. The United States entered the Vietnam war in hopes of stopping the spread of communism.

Was the Vietnam war brought about by the cold war?

Vietnam was a hot battle of the cold war.

Was Vietnam war during the cold war?

Yes. If it wasn't it wouldn't have ended the way it ended.

What two wars occured during the cold war?

The Cold War resulted in the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

Was Vietnam influenced by the Cold War?

Vietnam was a "hot" battle of the cold war.

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