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Q: What was the Death total of each country in World War 2?
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There are no compiled listings for the entire world. Death rates from age will vary from country to country, as will life spans.

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There are about 51,200 all together

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There are 195 countries in the world recognized by the United Nations. Each country can be considered a state in terms of international relations.

Why is total war and how does the term apply to World War 1?

Total War means that it is wat against not only the military of each country, but also against the civilians.

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Throughout the entire world, it is estimated that a total of 8.2 million people die each year from cancer. It is one of the most common causes of death in the world.

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What was the death toll in Ww1?

The Death Toll Was Around 20,000 Each Day And At The End Of World War 1 Around 6,000,000,000 Death's

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