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During World War II, the 'Europe First' strategy of the Allies was the simple commitment to concentrating superior force against Hitlerite Germany before focusing on any all-out effort against Japan in the Pacific Theater. In practical effect, this strategy led to a successful conclusion of the European Theater's conflict early in 1945; however, American forces had even before this time begun successful offensives against Japan that would result in final victory only a few months later.

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It was the policy of giving priority to defeating Germany, Italy and their European allies first (rather than Japan).

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Q: What was the Europe First strategy?
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What was the two-front allied strategy used to defeat Hitler?

"Europe First" strategy

What war did the Allies in world war 2 focus on winning what war after the United States entered?

The war in Europe. This is known as the "Europe First" strategy.

What Allies adopted a Europe First strategy because .?

Only germany was considered a serious long term threat

Why did the propose a Europe first strategy?

Germany posed the most serious, long-time threat to all allied countries.

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Japan’s victory at the Battle of Coral Sea had frustrated Allied objectives

Why did allies propose a Europe First strategy?

Germany posed the most serious, long-time threat to all allied countries.

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