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The start of World War II was signaled by the German invasion of Poland on September 1st, 1939. Following this action, Britain and France declared war on Germany.

Following this, German invaded Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands (Holland), and France. France capitulated, and Southern France was allowed to govern itself until the American invasion of North Africa during Operation Torch.

German invaded Yugoslavia, and was forced to help its Italian ally when Italy invaded Greece (Italy failed to take Greece alone). The British Channel Islands were also taken.

Germany's last act of invasion was the Invasion of Russia (then the Soviet Union) in 1941.

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The German Nazis took over the Rhineland, Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia and Austria without even asking those nations if they wanted to be occupied and controlled by the Nazis.

The Nazis began killing Jews and undesirables long before the war. They put them into concentration camps, labor camps and Ghettos. They took the Jews possessions, businesses, money and their valuables. They even took the gold out of their teeth after they murdered the Jews. They stockpiled all these treasures in Germany and Switzerland or used a lot of it to pay for the war.

The Germans learned quickly that the Nazis were savage, bully, thugs and their lives were heavily controlled. They learned to lived in fear and not upset the Nazis. Those who did buck them were beaten or killed. This took place during the entire 12 year reign of the Third Reich.

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His actions involved growing Germany's military, creating air forces, and expanding land that was taken away from them.

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Q: What was the German aggression in World War 2?
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To halt German aggression.

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Answer this question… European appeasement of German aggression in an effort to avoid conflict

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The Italian Aggression before World War 2 was that they invaded Albania and signed a secret pact with Adolf Hitler.

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The United States led the assault on the Japanese and German aggression in the world. We were part of the union of the free world that destroyed both the Japanese and Germans during WW2

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The Russo-German Non-Aggression Pact was first violated by Adolf Hitler, although it is unlikely that Stalin or Hitler ever intended on keeping the pact throughout the entirety of the war. Their extremely opposite ideologies would have prevented this.

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The German World War 2 tank accelerated about 8mph.

What were reactions by the allies to axis aggression in World War 2?

they declared war, that's a big one.

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Yes, the blame for World War 2 rests primarily with Germany and Japan. They made the decision to start a war of aggression.

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