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Khe Sanh, during the Vietnam War.

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Q: What was the Marine base that was trapped for 77 days?
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How did Ferdinand Foch die?

Heart attack at the age of 77.

What happened at the pentagon on September 11th 2001?

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What was Khe Sanh?

Of the four Military Regions (MR) in South Vietnam, MR1, better known as I Corps (I Corps, II Corps, III Corps, and IV Corps are also known as MR1, MR2, etc.) was the hottest. It contained regiments of NVA. III Corps and IV Corps were primarily VC territory. Obviously fighting the NVA was tougher and far more dangerous. Khe Sahn was in I Corps. Khe Sanh also happened to be in a dangerous portion of I Corps; close to the Laos border (where NVA could stage attacks and withdraw back they had tons of equipment available to them there). In these AOs (Areas of Operations) the NVA seemingly conducted "search and destroy" missions...hunting for GIs. In the slang of the times, "here, the NVA hunted for you!" This set the stage for the siege. Next NVA General Giap wanted to make an example out of the Marine base at Khe Sanh. He was the right man for the job, for it was he that did in the French at Dien Bien Phu 14 years earlier. Giap was going to repeat the process against the Americans. But then President Johnson (LBJ) found out about Giap and his plans and launched an all out campaign to prevent Giap from repeating his past victory against the French. As LBJ stated, "I'll not have no da-- Den Ben Foos!" LBJ sent US Army reinforcements, but more importantly he ordered B52s to saturate the surrounding zones around Khe Sanh. No matter what you read, no matter what you hear, it was the B52s that saved Khe Sanh. Giap defeated the French, but he couldn't defeat the B52s.

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Frederick Douglas was an abolitionist in the civil war and aged 77 years (1817-1895)

What time was the pentagon hit?

The Pentagon was struck by American Flight 77 on September 11, 2001 at 9:37 am. One hundred ninety two people died in the crash and hundreds were injured.

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