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President Johnson took the war to NORTH Vietnam with aerial warfare. We couldn't invade NORTH Vietnam (without consequences from the communist superpowers), but we could bomb it! We dropped more bombs on North Vietnam than we did in all of WW2! One must bear in mind, that a Vietnam War B-52 could carry 108 bombs. A WW2 bomber could only carry 17 bombs.

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Q: What was the Rolling thunder during the Vietnam war?
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Why is the thunder rolling overhead?

Rolling Thunder was the air war over North Vietnam.

Where was operation rolling thunder held?

Rolling Thunder was the air war against NORTH Vietnam.

What was the names of the operations in the Vietnam war?

Rolling thunder

What was the first Operation rolling thunder?

1965 is when the Air Campaign "Rolling Thunder" began against North Vietnam.

Two major battles of the Vietnam war?

Campaigns: Rolling Thunder & Linebacker II

When in operation rolling thunder were ground troops added?

US conventional forces arrived in '65. Rolling Thunder was an AIR CAMPAIGN against North Vietnam! Had nothing to do with the ground war in South Vietnam.

What year did the B52's go on tour first?

The Vietnam War was the B52s first war; commencing with Rolling Thunder in 1965.

What are two famous air battles?

Vietnam War, air campaigns: Operation Rolling Thunder & Operation Linebacker II

What were the major battles fought in the Vietnam war?

Operations Rolling Thunder, Linebacker, and Linebacker II (also known as the Christmas Bombings) were some of the most intense battles fought by US Airmen during the war.

What branches of physics did the thunder roll belong?

Rolling Thunder was the USAF and USN "Air War" against North Vietnam. US Marine attack jets, as well as USAF/USN attack jets, at the same time as Rolling Thunder; continued to fly strafing/bombing missions for the allies in SOUTH Vietnam on a regular basis.

How did the tet offensive compare to operation rolling thunder?

The Tet Offensive was a major military campaign launched in 1968 by the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong forces against South Vietnam and the United States during the Vietnam War. It involved simultaneous attacks on multiple cities and military bases. Operation Rolling Thunder, on the other hand, was a sustained bombing campaign conducted by the United States against North Vietnam from 1965 to 1968. While both had significant impacts on the war, the Tet Offensive was a large-scale, coordinated attack on the South, while Rolling Thunder was primarily a strategic bombing campaign against the North.

What was the purpose of operation rolling thunder?

To use aerial bombardments to force the communists to quit their struggle against South Vietnam.