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Operation Rolling Thunder

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Q: What was the US-directed program of covert raids on North Vietnam called?
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Who or what was responsible for training Cuban exiles for the Bay of Pigs invasion?

The US headed the program; training was conducted by covert personnel.

Which side controlled the most important territory for the entire war?

This wasn't a war of territory. It was a war of body counts...a war of attrition. However, the communists were in North Vietnam, South Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia; whilst the allies (or at least the US) were in South Vietnam with covert operators in Laos and Cambodia. So, based upon that distribution...the communists might be the ones covering the most land.

What were two smaller wars of the cold war?

Only two wars were fought during the cold war; Korea & Vietnam. Everything else was either an incident, accident, operation, rescue mission, covert, CIA, or it didn't happen situation.

Did Air Force personal fight in the jungles of Vietnam?

This was the 20th century; in which the Air Force did Air Force jobs, the Navy did Navy jobs, and the Marines & Army did Marine/Army work. TODAY; each branch of service has their own "bells and whistles department." In Vietnam, with the exception of some very specialized and/or covert operations (or even secret experiments) the USAF fought in the skies over North & South Vietnam (and Cambodia and Laos); unless of course their pilots and aircrewmen were shot down...THEN THEY FOUGHT IN THE JUNGLE.

What did happen in Cambodia during Cold War?

The Cold War was characterized by a general fear of wide-spread Communist encroachment on democratic (or western allied) countries. Since the communist government of North Vietnam, supported by both China and the Soviet Union, was working to take over democratic South Vietnam, the general sentiment of international relations prompted a swift military halt to the movement. This would stop what some in the U.S. Government called a "Domino Effect," or one nation after another falling to Communism. Thus, the sentiment of the Cold War brought about the perceived need for military intervention in Vietnam.

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What was the Role of U.S. Special forces in the Vietnam war?

Training & covert ops.

Whose land did the so called Vietnam War fought on?

The USAF/USN fought their "Air" war over North Vietnam. The US Army/Marines fought in South Vietnam. Covert operators (Special Forces, Seals, Ravens, etc.) fought in Cambodia & Laos.

Was the US involved in a battle in Sinai in the 1960's?

ANYTHING other than the obvious Vietnam War, was covert. If the US was in the ones supposed to know about it! (That's covert).

Did American soldiers fight the whole Vietnam War?

no what i know is that we pulled out but covert operations were still happening

During the war the US bombed North Vietnam and what other country?

Strategic bombing of the North; Tactical bombing in South Vietnam. Covert bombing in Laos/Cambodia.

Where were most of Vietnam's battles?

Ground warfare occurred in the Republic of SOUTH Vietnam. Riverine warfare occurred in the Republic of SOUTH Vietnam; and some sea warfare occurred along the coastline of NORTH Vietnam. The Air War occurred in the skies of NORTH Vietnam. The Covert War occurred in Laos and Cambodia.

What war took place in 1960s?

the Vietnam War

Who is Covert Bailey?

Covert Bailey is a nutritionist who has a degree in Biochemistry from MIT. He wrote books, including one called "Fit or Fat."

What is the caddy called in happy Gilmore?

Allen Covert

The US fought in the Korean war before it began sending troops to Vietnam?

The Korean war ended in 1953, and US military involvement in Vietnam did not begin until 1965, although American Military Advisors and Covert Operatives had been active in Vietnam since 1954.

What is secret warfare?

Unknown/secret/covert. Submarines and snipers at one time (from Vietnam and previous) were considered "secret" (and un-gentlemanly/dirty fighting).

What is the song in the covert affairs commercial she's good?

The song in the Covert Affairs commercial "She's Good" is called "She's a Genius" by Jet.