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During World War II, the American strategy in the Pacific against the Japanese became known as 'island-hopping.' Through this approach to defeating their enemy, the U.S. military by-passed (or, hopped over) Japanese strong-points for the sake of securing selected islands elsewhere. These islands, once occupied, would then serve as forward bases for the next 'hop' forward -- closer to Japan itself.

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"Island Hopping" .

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Island hopping.

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island hopping

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Q: What was the US strategy in the pacific in opposition to the Japanese was known as?
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What key strategy was used by the US against the Japanese in the Pacific in order to retake territory?

The strategy was known as island hopping.

The allied strategy in the pacific was known as?

Leyte Gulf

What was the term given to the us Strategy in the pacific?

I believe it was known as "Island Hopping" where the U.S. tried to capture as many strategic islands as possible in an effort to push the Japanese back.

Why was chester nimitz known as the island hopper?

The Allied Naval Forces went after the Japanese island by island in the South Pacific. That strategy was called island hopping. Admiral Chester Nimitz was in charge of the Pacific Theater naval actions. So he earned the name Island Hopper.

General MacArthur and Admiral Nimitz adopted a strategy known as?

Both MacArthur and Nimitz knew the major islands held by the Japanese in the Pacific Ocean had to be taken by the US. They developed an Island Hopping strategy. They would skip every other island they came to (there were too many small islands to deal with). This would cut off supply lines to the islands they skip, lessen casualties, and save a lot of time. Japan had made the error of not devoting enough of its army to the Pacific Islands. They also failed to have enough aircraft carriers. This gave the US an advantage.

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