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Dakota Territory, Washington Territory, Indian Territory, Nebraska Territory, Nevada Territory, New Mexico Territory, Utah Territory, and Colorado Territory

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Q: What was the Washington Territories part in the Civil War?
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What were 7 free territories during the civil war time perid?

Washington, Nebraska, Utah, Kansas, and New Mexico were the seven free territories.

What were the six named territories during the civil war?

Washington, nebraska, Dakota, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico

Was Washington a part of the north or south in the civil war?

The north, you can tell by where it is! :)

Name the territorys of the United states at the time of the Civil war?

washington,dakota,nebraska,nevada,utah,colorado,new mexico territories

Which battles of the civil war were undecided?

There were many battles of the Civil War that were undecided with no true victor. An example of an undecided Civil War battle were the battles that occurred in the New Mexican territories and Indian territories.

What accomplishment did Martha Washington have?

Well,Martha Washington had some big accomplishments.One of then were that she was part of th Civil War put i am not sure what part she played/or was in.

What war brought construction of the Washington monument to a halt?

The Civil War was going on when they had to stop the Washington Monument.

What war was going on when George Washington was a kid?

The war that George Washington Carver was in is the Civil War

On what side of the civil right war was the state of Washington?

During the Civil War, Washington wanted to join the Union as a "Free State"

What was George Washington's role during the Civil War?

George Washington lived in the 1700's. He was not in the Civil War (1860's).

Washington was on who's side?

George Washington was the leader of the American Army during the revolution. The State of Washington did not exist during the Civil War but was technically, as a territory, part of the Union.

What are the territories of the US at the time of the civil war?

oklahoma and some more