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Most historians might be inclined to say the Tet Offensive of '68; things got pretty rough during that time period...weekly US casualties were very high. But the Battle of the Ia Drang (1st Air Cav Division) in '65 could've been the worst (the film "We Were Soldiers..."); also NOT DEPICTED in the movie, there were over 300 dead GI's from that 3 day fight. The film, starrying Mel Gibson only showed his battalion...there were two involved, and the movie left the second battalion out of it. The book will cover both battalions however. Dak To in '66(?) fought by the 173rd Airborne Brigade may have had higher casualties still...they did lose more men than the Ia Drang fight; but then again it lasted longer.

That second battalion at Ia Drang was cut to pieces in one day; they were in single file column and were hit from both sides by NVA regulars. The jungle was so thick they couldn't maneuver and had to stand and fight right then and there.

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Possibly the Battle of the Ia Drang in '65. And the not Hollywood version, starring Mel Gibson (We Were Soldiers...); that film only depicts one battalion in the fight...there were two battalions.

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that would be November 8th 1965. when the 173rd airbourne was attacked. im in the army but i have heard about that day alot from my master sergearnt. i learned about it in school and to me that is the worst day in the Vietnam War for the American forces.

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Q: What was the Worst one day for deaths in Vietnam War?
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