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Aerial bombing in the North; Search and Destroy in the South.

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Q: What was the conduct of the Vietnam War?
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What are hawks in the vietnam war?

They were politicians who supported the aggressive conduct of the war.

What authorized president Johnson to conduct a war in Vietnam?

The gulf of tonkin resolution

What did the Tonkin Gulf resolution do?

Allowed the US to conduct open warfare against NORTH VIETNAM and conduct conventional warfare in SOUTH Vietnam; replacing the earlier guerrilla war tactics.

Who authorized president Johnson to conduct Vietnam war?

The Vietnam conflict was never officially a war. Congress authorized the money and troop build-up needed to prosecute it.

What were the two main counties were involed in the Vietnam war?

North Vietnam and the United States. South Vietnam wasn't the main combatant, because they did NOT conduct the Air War over North Vietnam. The Vietnam War had three categories: US Navy-Riverine War; US Air Force-Air War; US Army/US Marines-Land War.

What medals did William Michael Coomes receive during his time in the Vietnam War?

purple heart, good conduct, national defense, Vietnam service, Vietnam campaign

How did the conduct of the Vietnam war affect American domestic affairs?

The draft affected domestic affairs.

Why was Vietnam war a difficult war?

The threat of nuclear war resulted in restrictions on the conduct of the war. It had to be fought as a limited war (limited to conventional weapons=non atomic).

Did the government have any influence over the Vietnam war?

Governments conduct wars. They've got the budgets for them.

Was the Vietnam war in Pennsylvania?

No, the Vietnam War was in Vietnam

What did the gulf or tonkin resolution extended president Johnson power?

He now could conduct OPEN WAR against North Vietnam.

What ideologies may have contributed to the conduct of the Vietnam and the Iraq war?

1 Vietnam, a war against communist North Vietnam. 2. WWI, a war against Imperial Germany. 3. WWII, a war against Nazi Germany & Imperial Japan. 4. Iraq war; originally a war to oust Saddam Hussain; then a war on crime, to establish law, order, and stability to the region (a law enforcement campaign).

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