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Most of the British Empire sent troops to aid the Allies during WWI. They fought alongside British and French troops all along the front line. Some idea of their contribution can be got from the figures for the numbers of each nationality killed during the war. Great Britain 700,000 India 62,000 Australia 59,000 Canada 57,000 New Zealand 16,000 South Africa 7,000 Newfoundland 1,000

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Q: What was the contribution of the Empire armies in World War 1?
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The armies in World War 2 were the U.S., Germany, Russia, Japan, and others.

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In the entire history of the world... I would have to go with the Roman Empire.

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Because he eventually had the three most powerful armies in the world allied against him. United States, Soviet Union and the British Empire.

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What Armies were used in the cold war?

Other than the "hot battles" of the cold war; Korea & Vietnam, no armies were used during the cold war. If any armies had been used...there would not have been a cold war! It would have been World War III. The standard "standing armies" (armies that existed but were never used) were the NATO (and the short lived SEATO) and Warsaw Pact armies. The Warsaw Pact armies were the USSR's version of the free world's NATO armies. Another words, had there been a war (instead of a cold war); NATO would have fought the Warsaw Pact armies.

Where there any countries that have armies before World War I?

Well i think Germany had armies before World War 1 started. So Germany had armies and so did England. England had armies because we had to fight against Germany and win the war. But the Germans lost the war and the English won the war. And the Germans had to die in vain, because they lost the war.

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Why were young British men sent to war?

The British had an Empire to defend (protect). That required armies/navies; and men made up armies/navies back then.

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The Allied armies beat the Axis armies and the Axis armies gave up and surrendered.