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The end result was that it failed.

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Q: What was the end result of the final solution?
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What was the end result of the final solution-?

The end result of the final solution would be the get rd of all people that were not like him. When using the word him I am referring to Hitler.

When did the Final Solution end?

The final solution ended in 1945

What were the results of Nazi anti-semitic policies?

The end result was the Final Solution, also called the Holocaust.

What was the result for Hitler at the final solution?

The Final Solution was not a place, it was a government policy. It was the policy to eliminate the Jews.

What was the result for Hitler's supporters at the final solution?

Ruflly 7 million jews died during the final solution

What did the wannsee conference result in?

Not much, it was a meeting of secondary people where they were basically told their role and their departments' roles in what was to come.

What brought an end to the final solution?

The end of WW2 and the defeat of Germany.

Why were death camps considered necessary by the Nazis in completing their final solution?

because the end of the Final Solution was the death of the Jews.

How many people died as a result of the final solution and the holocaust?

6 million jews

What is th resolution of story?

the final outcome, the solution to the problem in the end, or the important thing that happens at the end. :)

How should you end a scientific report?

With a [final] "Conclusion" (end result of research, an experiment. etc.)

Where did many of the Jews end up during the final solution?

Most of the Jews in Nazi controlled areas ended up dead. After all, that was the purpose of the 'Final Solution'.

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